Sangria Sorbet, 46 cents a serving. Fakon chipotle burger and roll $0.91

There is one reason I’m posting this entry, and that is Sangria Sorbet. An alcoholic frozen treat. I’d be a monster if I didn’t share that invention with you! So even though the rest of the meal might have fallen a bit flat and the pictures were pretty lame, I’ll make the sacrifice to share with you the wonder that is wine sorbet.


¾ – 1 cup sugar, $0.16
¾ cup water, $0.00
750 ml wine, $2.50
3 cups frozen strawberries, $0.99
Total: $3.65
Per serving: $0.46


  1. Heat water and sugar until the sugar dissolves. This is the simple syrup.
  2. Let simple syrup and wine chill in the fridge.
  3. Once the simple syrup has cooled, blend everything together.
  4. Pour it into a bowl and freeze for several hours. I stirred it a few times while it was freezing.



The Rest of Dinner

Rolls, $0.23 each
I made the rolls from this entry except I broke the dough into 8 instead of 16 rolls.

Fakon, ~$0.15 serving
I took the recipe for fake bacon from Fettle Vegan. Except I didn’t have liquid aminos so I used 2 tbsp of tamari and only 1 tbsp of liquid smoke instead. This coconut bacon is pretty good on an Elvis sandwich!

Burger, $0.38 each
This was a chipotle black bean burger, and tasted great! Except I goofed and got the can of chipotles with tomato paste instead of just straight chipotles, so the burger was much too moist and fell apart. I will definitely be experimenting with a chipotle black bean burger again to find a recipe more suitable for sharing on the web!

Avocado topping, ~$0.15 per burger
Because what’s a black bean burger without avocado on top?

Total plate: $0.91


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